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  1. C_ookie

    This website is pretty nice ngl

    This website is pretty nice ngl
  2. C_ookie

    Media applications | Information and format

    Thank you for your interest in becoming part of the media team. This role gives you an opportunity to promote your content and gives you special features to make creating content on our server easier. Full list of perks - Access to channels that allow you to promote content you create - Access...
  3. C_ookie

    Staff applications | Information and format

    Applications are currently OPEN We are looking for new members to join the staff team. We follow a simple application process to ensure that the process is fair for everyone. To apply, you will need to follow these requirements. Requirements You must be over the age of 13 You must have a...
  4. C_ookie

    Punishment appeals | Information and format

    Whilst the Voltic MC network strives to perform duties in a fair and non biased way, however we are aware that (as humans) we often make mistakes. If you believe you have been unpunished fairly, you may appeal it here. We are also aware that you may of made a mistake too. If you are honest and...
  5. C_ookie

    Bug reports | Information and format

    If you encounter anything that may be affecting gameplay on the network, you should report it here. If you fail to report a bug and then proceed to use it you will be punished for doing so as it disrupts the fairness of the network. When creating a post, follow the specified format below. Your...
  6. C_ookie

    Player reports | Information and format

    Reports made on this network are kept anonymous meaning no one but the staff team will be able to see it. When reporting a player we ask that you follow the format below in order for us to deal with it probably without having to ask for more information. You will be notified whether your report...
  7. C_ookie

    Love cookies tbh

    Love cookies tbh
  8. C_ookie

    Server Rules

    Server Rules We have these rules set in place to ensure the integrity of the network. They must be abided at all times by players and staff members. If you see anyone break these rules, you may report them in the appropriate sections on this website. Disrespect In no means is any disrespect...