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Server Rules


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Server Rules

We have these rules set in place to ensure the integrity of the network. They must be abided at all times by players and staff members. If you see anyone break these rules, you may report them in the appropriate sections on this website.

In no means is any disrespect, targeted towards staff or players, tolerated on the network.

Bypassing the chat filter
The chat filter is there to protect players whilst on the network. Bypassing the chat filter includes:
  • Using special characters to bypass blocked words
  • Substituting particular letters in blocked words to sound/look the same
  • Mixing up and placing additional letters in too mislead the filter
and anything else deemed bypassing by a member of staff. Bypassing the chat filter is not allowed and will result in a punishment.

Do not attempt to spam/flood the in game, Discord or Forums chat.

Advertising on our server is not tolerated with the exception of larger networks like Hypixel, Mineplex and Cubecraft who aren't in competition with us based on the shear scale of players and income they generate. You may not post links to anything but links related to the server (for example, YouTube videos or Forum posts).

Using hacks
Hacking on the server, whether it be maliciously or non maliciously, is not tolerated on our server and you will be banned for using it. We have a detailed breakdown on what modifications you can and can't use in another topic.

Ban evading
Ban evading means to logon to the server on an alternative account after just being banned on another to bypass your punishment. This is not tolerated and could result in an ip ban if done repeatedly.

Mute evading
Mute evading could be interpreted as many things including:
  • To use a different account to bypass your mute
  • To use signs to bypass not being able to communicate in chat
  • To use commands not yet blocked by the mute system
or anything else that a staff deems to be mute evading. Doing so, could result in a longer punishment period or even a ban from the network.

Bypassing the alt limit
We have an alt limit of 5 accounts. We do this to balance gameplay. Players receive rewards regularly for playing on their accounts but these rewards could easily be abused with more than 5 players. Failure to stick to the alt limit will lead to a permeant ip ban with the chance to appeal later on via the Forums.

Account sharing
Account sharing is a very dangerous thing to do which is why we don't endorse it. Giving away your details to someone online that you may not know could cause drastic effects. They could hack on the server, hack on other servers and even lock you out from your own account. Anyone caught account sharing could face a ban.

Scamming is not tolerated on the server. We strive for a positive community in which players get along and by scamming, this does not help with our ambition. There are multiple ways in which someone could be scammed. Because of this, we handle each case differently. When performing tasks like trading, it is recommended that you collect evidence to avoid being scammed meaning that if you are, you can report that evidence to us.

Impersonating a particular staff member or player isn't allowed on this network.

Inappropriate content
In an attempt to keep the community clean and positive, we absolutely do not allow the use of inappropriate skins, names, capes, builds and anything else deemed inappropriate by a member of staff.

Bug abusing
If you find a bug, you are expected to report it to a member of staff via the Forums. By abusing the bug, you could face a ban and wipe on your stats.
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